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Motsarkha - tower settlement of the XIII-XX centuries

Motsarkha - tower settlement of the XIII-XX centuries

Motsarkha - tower village of the XIII-XX centuries, located in Galanchozh district of the Chechen Republic, 5 km from lake Galaу-Am, and a complex of residential towers, mosques, and rock structures.

According to legend, the village of Motsarkha was the cult center of this area of Chechnya and its name is associated with the Georgian "motskvari" – "pop". According to the researcher of tower architecture L. M. Ilyasov, masons from neighboring districts built almost all the medieval structures preserved here. Residential tower No. 1 belonged in later times to the Saraliev family and was called the Suleiman tower, after the last owner.

The residential towers are in a dilapidated state. They have no covering and floor coverings. The mosque has been restored and is in good condition. To the East of the village in the rock niche of the mountain Nashkhoy-Lam, there are rock towers, which are a niche in the rock, built up with a stone wall with entrance and window openings and loopholes. They are in a satisfactory condition.

Motsarkh architectural complex represents a model of Chechen medieval fortification and residential architecture. On the walls of the towers – petroglyphs of various types, which are of great interest to researchers of pagan cults.